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The fact that I can make people happy, drawing their beloved pets and make memorial gifts for years, makes my work more enjoyable. I can do it with more passion and love.
It is wonderful to get full of emotions and feelings message from happy customer . This is an excellent opinion about my work. Such words for an artist is a great support and encouragement to work.
On this page you can see a collection of a few pictures and comments that I was given from happy customers. I am very grateful to my clients for such a nice words.



A long wait has been so worth the outcome!

Kasia we cannot thank you enough for bringing our Zohan to life on paper! Your talent is beyond imagination.



Kasia your art work is just amazing and you have made Spud look so life like, just speechless. Thank you so much.


 Pa Gazsi


 thank you so much!!! I can't wait to get it framed. This is a dream come true for me  (Kasia makes hyper-realistic art eith pastel)



Omg!!! He’s beautiful!!!!

I can’t believe it! I’m in shock!

You are amazing!!! It’s absolutely beautiful! Thank you!



Hi Kaya. I got the biggest surprise Christmas Day when my wife Tannis presented her gift to me. I was completely speechless and so full of emotion when I opened it and saw for the first time the incredible work you did to bring my best buddy Viper back to life! Your work is unbelievable Kaya. It still to this day feels like he is still here with me every time I look at the picture. He is hanging above his favourite chair where we sat all the time keeping a close eye on me! lol I can’t thank you enough for the work you did and forever grateful. You are amazing!! On behalf of myself and Viper and Tannis ....thanks for reuniting us!!



I’ve been trying to put the words together to express just how deeply touched and incredibly thankful for this truly amazing gift of my beloved Pink.

Never in a million years would I have expected something like this. I am truly the luckiest person to have so many amazing people in my dog family.

It is simply amazing! I keep staring into those eyes. Those are Pink’s eyes!! 

Kasia captured her so well. I can’t thank you enough! I’m so happy Pink will continue to watch over me.



I really want this artist to do a portrait of my dogs ! She's incredible! All this detail with pastel pencils!!!!!



I watch this and tears well up , I am simply mesmerized by how you not only bring her to life but are able to make her jump off the page. Kasia this is simply the my most cherished memory I will be able to visit for the rest of my life. Thank you is just not enough.



Our beautiful drawing of Madge arrived today ... OMG the picture does not do it justice ...ITS TOTALLY AMAZING ... thank you Kasia  for this beautiful memory ... I would highly recommend Kasia to capture your dog ... !!! FABULOUS !!!!


Kasia I have no words ... Clay in this portrait is just wonderful! from her eyes she perceives her sweetness. I do not really know how to thank you, you will make our new house even more special!


Thank You Kasia! It is absolutely STUNNING! It will be treasured for the rest of my life, right along with my memories of her. ❤️  I'm so honored to be the recipient of your portrait. It's such a beautiful gift.


Kasia, I am very thankful :) no words how much we miss her, thanks to your work she is now going back to us


Thank you so much Kasia. is going to have a very special place on the wall here. ..I love it. ..the photos do not show just how much detail you put into your work. are so talented 


Thank you, Kasia. You did a wonderfull job.

 Finja &Ginny

Love Kasia, it has become beautiful, I love it, many thanks for such a great portrait of my two girls!


Beautifully, Kasia! You are a great artist! Respect! I can not wait for the picture!


It is totally amazing!!
The detail is fantastic!!
To say I 💜 it doesn't express how much it means to me!!!
Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!


I love the drawing of my almost 13 y old "Kompiz" (name means friend). You've done a beauteful work with the pencils

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