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  I`m portrait artist .  Drawing is my passion.

Working with pastels, I pride myself on attention to details and the ability to capture emotions behind the eyes of any animal.
This gives the effect of great realism and the fact that animals "come to live" on paper. In this way, I try to capture their expression, soul and character.
  I can spend many hours of work on one portrait, but I derive great satisfaction from it and I`m proud that the owners will enjoy them in their homes.

All my artwork is absolutely hand drawn. Portraits are drawn from your own pictures. You can use one picture or if you would like you can combine a few your "pet family" members in one portrait ... dogs, cats, horses, etc.

I also accept commission for wildlife art using reference photos.

I would love to create one for you. You will get unique-draw art with passion. if you`re interested in portrait please get in touch for further information on this. I will do my best for you.


Please * JOIN* my group to ensure you don`t miss anything new when I post and  hope you enjoy my work .

Portrait by Kaya
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